And if you ever said you missed me, then don't say you never lied...

I'm without you

7 January
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eh- and why do you care?
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Date Created:4/20/2001
Number of Posts: 687

Name: Heather Eliasz DOB:1/7/88 Age: 16 Height: 5'3 Sex: female Hair: haha. Naturally blonde...but right now it's black and red. Eyes: Green
Strengths: I'm extremely nice...sometimes too nice. I always try and make everyone happy. Even if it's by saying some corny joke. I just like seeing others smile.
Weaknesses: I sometimes let people walk all over me.
Special Skills: I'm a sprinter for the swim team. I'm also a right fielder for the softball team. And I play trombone for band ;-)
Weapons: I never tell someone when I am angry with them. So I can secretly hate someone and they'll never know it. People tell me they don't like that. hahaha
Favorites: Color: Green Place: The pool. It's like a refuge for me. Sport: Swimming and Softball Person: To be absolutly honest, Justin Shields has to be the best person ever. I don't think I have ever heard a mean word come out of his mouth. And I love that about him.

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